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When it comes to the wonders of modern kitchens, microwave ovens are probably one of the best inventions. Can you imagine (or think back, depending on your age) when trying to heat up a slice of pizza would mean that you had to heat the oven? Even for a simple baked potato, you had to use the oven and it would take forever when compared with the few minutes it takes right now, with the help of a microwave oven. Even though microwave ovens are used by us every day, most of us don’t really know how they work. You obviously don’t need to know that in order to use them to warm up your pizza, but it can’t hurt.

Microwave Pizza WarmerMicrowave pizza warmers use microwaves to heat up the slices. The microwave is actually electromagnetic radiation, which uses a range of higher frequency than normal waves of radio. You will find that their frequency is about the same as what portable phones and wireless devices use. We’re talking about the frequency range of 2 gigahertz. The electromagnetic waves which use this frequency are capable of affecting sugars, fat or water. As they do that, the substance’s atoms will begin to vibrate and get warmer. They will continue to get warmer the longer they are affected by microwaves. The tissue of humans can also be affected by microwaves and the part that is most sensitive to them is our eyes. Since microwaves can affect us in a negative way, you shouldn’t use microwave ovens that have any type of malfunction, like broken or damaged door latches. One other advice would be to stay at some distance from the microwave when it functions. We’re not talking about large distances here, just enough that you don’t stand against it as it works.

Now that you know how they work, you also know that they make for great pizza and food warmers. Reheating is great with a microwave oven, since the air will not heat up naturally, so what you reheat will not become crisp or brown. When producers want their food to become crisper when they’re put in the microwave oven, they will usually put it in a material which will create heat inside. You might notice a rotating plate inside your oven. That plate rotates in order for the microwaves to reach all sides of the food, since they’re usually emitted from a single side. This will insure that food is cooked thoroughly.

The microwaves wavelength has somewhere around twelve centimeters, so it’s pretty safe as long as the oven isn’t damaged. The radiation used to warm your pizza or to cook is provided by a magnetron, located inside the oven.

Microwave effect on nutrients and food

When you cook something, it will always lose some of its nutrients due to the process, but some of the things which influence just how much nutrients you lose are the length of time for which you cook the food, how much water you use and what temperature you set the oven at. One disadvantage of the microwave ovens is that you lose more than a third of B12 vitamins when you cook foods that contain it. For other foods, microwaves are better. Spinach is an example of that, as it’s healthier to cook it with microwave than to use a stove.


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