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A pizza warmer is a device that heats pizza, just like its name suggests. In most cases it is used by businesses to keep their products hot and ready to serve, so customers don’t have to wait to get a slice of pizza. There are variants of the pizza warmer which can be used at home, which will hold a limited number of pizza slices. There are a number of different types of pizza warmers, with different sizes and technologies included, like whether they have control of the humidity or not. You also have to choose between pizza warmers that use dry heat and those that need you to add water.

One example where the use of a pizza warmer could be important is for stores that are in the vicinity of schools. When those kids have their lunch period, you have limited time to serve them all with pizza if they come by your store. You can’t stay and heat it on the spot, it needs to be warm already when they arrive, since they can’t wait too long for it before they have to go back to class. A pizza warmer insures that you have slices of pizza ready for the kids as soon as they enter. Pizza delivery chains use them in the same way as they wait for their drivers to return from deliveries. Pizza Delivery Sydney is a great example because the traffic is so inconsistent there, trying to time it so hot pizzas come out of the oven as drivers drive up can be challenging

Pizza WarmerUsing warmers that have humidity control included will help you keep the pizza slices fresh for longer periods of time. You can go with something new, or you can look on eBay for something used already. You could probably get a pizza warmer for around $400 on eBay and it will hold up to four pizzas which have 16 inches each. It would also be the type of model that rotates them and has a light. You can cut each of the four pizzas in eight slices and have basically 32 slices of pizza warm all the time and ready to sell.

If you’re using something that doesn’t allow you to control the humidity, you might get pizza that has a waxy appearance after it stays for some time inside. Some people like this type of pizza warmer because the crust doesn’t soften as much, while that can happen for warmers with humidifiers. To solve the problem of the appearance, you can keep only some of the cheese for the pizza, adding the rest when someone orders a slice and heating it up quickly so the newly added cheese melts.

The advantage of a box with humidifiers included is that the toppings look better, but unfortunately the crust will become soft. To solve this, you can keep all the cheese on top of the pizza, while putting the slice inside an oven (deck ovens would work best at making the crust crisper) when someone buys it. Of course, you can sell the slices directly from the warmer, but since both types have their own disadvantages, your product might not bring all the customer satisfaction you might expect.

What is recommended by many people is to go with something that can keep pizza slices warm for at least two hours. It should be made from stainless steel ideally and it should have interiors that are brightly lit, with doors and sides made out of glass, so the interior is visible and appealing to customers. The shelves and the glass panels should be removed easily, so you can clean them on a regular basis. The temperature inside needs to be adjustable, and the pizza warmer should have a design that is made for countertops and it’s compact.


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